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'In Loving Memory... Mum I Miss You So

You are too precious to be forgotten,
and too priceless to ever be replaced.
You were one in a million, and you'll always be -
The precious and unique mum I cared for, so dearly...

There are so many things I wish I had said and done,
but sadly can no longer do now that you are gone...

But I want you to know
that though you're out of sight,
you'll always be in my heart.
I want you to know that
I'll always cherish you, I'll always love you
and always remember you...

Forever will you live on,
in my heart and mind.
Forever will you live,
in my thoughts and never die...
And until that day,
when we shall meet again,
I'll continue to cherish
all my memories of you.'

In Loving Memory Mum I Miss You So

SKU: XY3501B
  • Approx size of card is 4.1" x 5.9" inches
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