Balloon Decorating

We Decorate Venue's locally for all occasions big or small...  
You name it..
We'll decorate it..

Decorating a venue for any occasion is not as expensive as people may think, We have decorated many venue's for lots of different occasions and many of the people we decorated for were expecting the cost to be much higher than what we charged. It really is not that expensive!! 

We can cater for any budget what so ever so drop us an email or phone call to discuss your requirements and we'll be happy to assist you..


As a rough idea balloon bouquets start from as little as £4 each and arches from as little as £6 per metre. We charge a maximum of £20 for us to come to your venue and decorate but depending on the location we generally come for FREE!!


You've nothing to lose asking for a quote so contact us now as we do get booked up especially during the summer months due to what we like to call the Wedding Season.

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